1. college degree or above, English CET4 or above, good at reading and writing English, proficient in foreign trade correspondence;

2. initiative, strong sense of responsibility and earnest and steadfast.

3. Business English or China World Trade Center graduates.

4. timely follow up new and old customers, including orders, follow up production, shipment, return visits, etc.

5. Good team spirit and service consciousness, honesty and trustworthiness, interest and passion in foreign trade, play a positive role in leading.

Job requirements:

1. diligent, studious, honest, trustworthy, responsible, strong in compression and positive.

2. College degree or above in English, International Economics and Trade, fluent spoken English, good listening, good reading and writing skills, barrier-free communication with customers.

3. familiar with foreign trade operation process, thinking and pioneering spirit, team spirit and collective sense of honor.

Wage and salary: base salary + length of service salary + performance bonus + commission (top) + Social Security + full-time award + team award,

Other awards include champion, first single and large order.

3. paid vacation: paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave and national statutory holidays.

4. Employee activities: at least once a month dinner, outing, outdoor development and other activities, staff birthday PARTY, the company organizes at least once a year collective travel and free physical examination; outstanding performers can enjoy the company's opportunities for foreign travel and foreign exercise;

5. the sales commission is calculated on the basis of sales volume (not playing Maori / gross profit), and the Commission is settled in the month.

As long as you have the ability, the annual salary is one hundred thousand or two hundred thousand, you can take it!!!

Career Development: Salesperson - Business Supervisor - Reserve Manager - Manager - Director (Company Partner, Share in the Company)

Kai Cheng, Henan, has an open and expanding space to provide excellent development platforms for people with lofty ideals.

If you are unwilling to mediate and challenge, if you want to achieve a monthly income of over 10000, you will not be capped.

If you want to find a bigger platform for development, you will be enterprising and willing to grow with the elite team.

If you can bear hardships and stand hard work, if you like to make strangers into friends and like to do sales, then please join us, Kaicheng will give you all the convenience to realize your dream, help you become a TOP SALES, the future partner of the company!

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