polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Slump Retention Superplasticizer


This product is a new generation of environmentally-friendly polycarboxylic acid high-performance hydrazine type water reducing agent developed by our company. Under the alkaline condition, the hydrazine type itself undergoes hydrolysis reaction, thereby releasing carboxylic acid groups with dispersing properties. Achieve a long-lasting dispersion effect, in addition to excellent sealing performance, it also has a certain water reducing effect, and significantly improves the cohesiveness of concrete and improves the concrete performance.

Product technical performance

1. Special molecular structure and special branch structure design, which is used for hydrolysis reaction in fresh concrete. By adjusting the branch structure, the hydrolysis rate can be adjusted within the effective time to achieve selective protection effect.

2. Slow release property,This product is blended into concrete, slowly hydrolyzed, releasing carboxylic acid groups to achieve long-lasting dispersion effect, achieving ideal preservation effect.

3. The higher strength increase rate, the concrete mixed with the product does not change the setting time, overcomes the shortcomings of the general retarder to make the concrete final setting time too long, and the early strength development is too slow.

Scope of application

This product is especially suitable for various water conservancy, port, transportation, bridge, subway, electric power, etc., and has various high performance requirements for concrete slump.

After compounding with carboxylic acid, this product is suitable for high-strength, high-performance, high-durability super-flow vibration-free self-leveling, self-compacting and steel fiber and other special concrete, subway tube, slag-free sleep rail and other precast concrete and long-distance transportation. Concrete


The recommended range of product is 0.35%~0.65%. The specific amount of cement and mix ratio should also be determined by experiment.

This product has a low water reduction rate and is recommended for use in combination with a water-reducing mother liquor. The optimum compounding ratio should be determined according to the test. This product can be combined with various functional admixtures such as polycarboxylate water reducer and various retarder air entraining agents. The best compounding should be determined through experiments before use.


This product is an alkali-free liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid, no pollution to the environment, not edible

If you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse them with clean water as soon as possible, causing allergies to some people. You should seek medical treatment promptly.

Packaging and storage

This product is liquid, plastic drum, 1 ton / barrel or 200KG / barrel, can also be used for tank storage and storage process anti-seepage and leakage prevention, anti-exposure, anti-high, one year, after the expiration should be tested to determine the use.

This product is not flammable and explosive.

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